Tuesday, April 2, 2013


On Saturday David and I trecked accross town to see Sign Painters at the Renwick. I didn’t know until we got there but it was actually the world premiere of the movie and it was great. I have an inappropriate crush on sign painters now and want to open a business just to be able to have a gold leaf sign.  If it comes to your city and you like lettering and design (or just the resurgence of the handmade nation) it's definitely worth seeing.

We stopped to grab a sandwich on the way there and then walked accross town back to our apartment.  It took us hours and we popped into a couple of historic churches and wandered through the Building Museum (one of my favourite museums in DC) and randomly ran into someone who had a class with David in undergrad (smallest world).  The weather was scrumptious and I ran around without even a jacket.  Wind and rain came back in time for Easter and although the sun is shining now it's forty degrees outside.  

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  1. Oh! looks interesting. I love the Renwick - that building is so good. But the Building Museum is one of my favorites. I love its massive scale!