Monday, April 15, 2013


This weekend was busy busy busy.  On Saturday I went up to Maryland for a bridal shower with arm loads of flowers and champagne and some fancy bottles of juice (God forbid we pour juice from the Simply Orange bottle).  

 On Friday night I went to the flower wholesaler and came home with ALL the flowers and spent an evening eating french fries and cramming snap dragons into every vase I own.  They made it up to the shower little the worse for wear but after the drive back they are looking a little rough.  Now they are on every surface of the apartment.  Bedside flower arrangements, dresser flower arrangements, kitchen counter arrangements. 


Sunday morning I was awoken with donuts and coffee and the newspaper in bed.  The Washington Post is a journalistic mess (and I may of may not have thrown it accross the room when I found the third instance of terrible punctuation) but the donut was delicious and the coffee was strong and it kept me in bed until noon.  Lovely.

Once I dragged myself from bed I wandered down to Eastern Market to get bacon and veggies and the thickest, darkest, most lovely bread and we ate lunch of pea-shoots with backon and lemon and salt and pepper and eggs over easy with bread and butter.  Amazing.

And I STILL haven't killed my cacti.  Good job me.  Cherry blossom photos to follow.

How was your weekend?

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