Monday, May 11, 2009

Awards, Things, Queens

Here are my Seven Things, I suppose they don't all make me awesome they are all excellent things

1) Passports

I have two, like a spy. Or James Bond. Or Remington Steele. Or anyone else played by Pierce Brosnan. Unfortunately it means when I travel I get no stamps because no one stamps an EU passport. I went to eight countries in one year and only got one stamp. Macedonia stamps EU passports.

2) Wisteria

I was supposed to trim back the vines that covered over one of my bedroom windows but I didn't and now my room is tinged a bit green. I like it.

3) Boots, for riding, walking, slutting it up

Mine are always the dirtiest in the hunt

4) Spaniels, Alsatians, Cats and horses

We have one spaniel, one alsatian, an anatolian shepherd, SEVERAL Cats and three horses, well two horses and a pony. I love them a bunch, even if I am not as good a rider now as I was five years ago.

5) Old Photographs

Am I the only one who loves to find out that I look shockingly like my great Uncle Bill who died in a fire in 1962? I adore the pictures of me when I was small or my Grandmama when she was my age. I adore.

6) Sisters

I have three. If you don't have one, get a best friend. They are almost as good. But not quite. Brothers as almost as good. But not quite.

7) Palindromes


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