Thursday, May 14, 2009

Flea Market, Sun Burn, Bed

Today was flea market which means I ate: sausage biscuit, beignets (Cafe Du Monde has an outpost called Cafe Du Canton on flea market day), a very small piece of blooming onion and some chicken on a stick, which tasted like a piece of heaven. I also bought a very ugly make-up case and saw about nine million hideous fake flower arrangements and some really classy and elegant birdhouses with LSU and BULLDOGS written all over them. Also: Mullets. Also: Bottle Trees. Someone tried to make me sign a petition to require ID for voters, which would directly suppress the poor and black votes in my area. I said no, they yelled. My nose got very sunburnt. Not my face, just my forehead and nose. Big sunglasses lead to these things. Also: cap sleeve's should not be worn in the sun, silly sunburns follow. I am going to go to bed, even though it's very early, I'm spent and burnt and tired. But Dos is home from school so we're all together again, which is nice.

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