Monday, May 4, 2009

For Carrying Books, Beer, Not Losing Keys

Here is the tote bag I made for Sister 2 for her 20th last week, I made Sister 3 (who is twins with 2) one too but didn't get it photographed. Apparently some of Dos' friends want to give me a bob or two for bags... I could go GLOBAL.

This time I took a bit more time and did french seams and attached the handles on the outside and put ribbon on the ends. Sister 2 is also always losing her keys and phone and everything else so I made her key chain with a clip on it and sewed a ribbon into the top of the bag for easy attachable-ness. I'm basically malcompetent so it is a really simple tote bag but along with other birthday things it seemed like a good idea. Plus when I was in college we used tote bags to transport contraband alcohol hither and yon across campus.


  1. What a great bag! You did an amazing job. I wish I were able to sew.

  2. Eee! Learning how to sew is soo on my list of projects! You did a great job! Just knowing what a french seam is impressive to me :D And for real on that polyvore-12 step program -- you do one, and then you see other things you could build on... Hee, and thanks for stopping by :)!