Monday, May 4, 2009

Random Cool Thing

This pin is one of the coolest ones I've ever seen. It's outside is gold and the design is made up of cut pieces of coral and colored stones. I can't figure out how to wear it. It looks too stuffy on a blazer but it can't be worn on anything like a bag where it could get destroyed. Thoughts anyone?


  1. I'm thinking the lapel is OK but wear multiples.

  2. Headband or necklace?
    It's uber cool; where'd ya find it?

  3. I was thinking of going the necklace route with it except I have bad memories of putting pins on necklaces ever since I lost a coy fish pin that I had found in a random antique store on the Cape. Maybe if I reinforce it really well this time...

    I found it amidst boxes in our attic. I'm guessing it belonged to my grandmother but I have no idea how or where she got it.