Friday, May 15, 2009

Hot Weather, Packing

It is very hard to fit one's life into an two-door Acura. One's life and one's cat and one's youngest sister and everything else. Right now I am attempting to pack everything up for the drive to Mercersburg for the summer. I think these dresses would make the entire experience a bit more fun. Cheap summer dresses make me so very happy

A) Blue Spot Sweetheart Dress, £30.00 B) Blue Crown Aviators $12 C) Fab Ruched Bust Dress, Forever 21 $10.50 D) CALVIN KLEIN Satin jersey sleeveless tunic $95 E) Crochet Summer Dress, Forever 21, $24.80 F) Black Leather Shoulder Bag £25.00 G) White Tunic$64.93


  1. Unsure of how I feel about the fact that I think the Forever 21 dresses are really cute. How old is too old to even walk in that store?

  2. I want that red one a bunch