Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Bed Bed Bed Bed

I'm getting a new bed. Which is exciting. I love mattress shopping, buying sheets, my duvet needs a new cover because its looking a little college at the moment. All of which I'm trying to do on the cheap. Part of me thinks that the above Ikea Manger headboard is heaven, but the house is very cottage-y and my ceilings are low. But it is so very fun.

I also love the Lillesand Ikea Bed but not sure about the black. My room is a lilac/lavendery/grey purple and all the other furniture is white so I don't know about the black. Maybe if I had light linens? What are our thoughts? Feelings? Help?!


  1. This is my new fav ikea bed frame:

    the price is right and its low and simple so you can dress it up anyway you want. Maybe light linens - like a really pale smoky cool gray with some nice linen texture. Then you could do like a more dramatic a rectangular dark navy blue or black tufted velvet - but really long and lean to counteract the low ceilings. Then it would be like a comfy, modern, kind of vintage glam cottage.

  2. In my opinion, the real thing of beds is comfortable headboards. Iron and brass and so forth look lovely but are terribly poky for reading.

  3. Amazing design!! Check out the wide range of Bedding Sets from

  4. The reading in the bed is so very important.... hmmmm