Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Sweet Recycled Bags, Batman!

Canton, Mississippi is so hot I cried today on my way home from Madeline's. I cried on my bike surrounded by honking cars trying to get prepped for tomorrow's Flea Market while sweating and cursing those around my loudly. Sunday and my move to PA for the summer cannot come soon enough. In the mean time here are these lovely things. Beth (who's whole jam is sustainability, and an excellent jam it is too) just got all these lovely Blue Q bags into the store for Flea Market and I bought the little collie coin purse for Cuatro and the French Lecon pencil case for myself. I think maybe I will use it for jewelry when traveling, or make-up, or post cards.

Above:French Lecon Zipper Pouch

Bow Wow Coin Purse $3.99

Dick and Jane Zipper Pouch $5.99

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