Friday, May 8, 2009

Beads and Sparkles

In my opinion, there are few things as elegant as a vintage or antique beaded clutch. It's the fur stole of my handbag world. Although not very practical for me, who tends to carry not only her crucial items in her handbag, but an ipod, book, and knitting project as well (I live a ferry ride away from Manhattan. It's how I roll), but I have managed on occasion to make it out for a night in the city with only a vintage beaded clutch as my bag.

My grandmother used to collect them. She would go to flea markets and estate auctions and pick up lovely ones. We have a 1920s flapper beaded bag that she won at an estate auction by bidding on a "mystery box."

I've spoken before about loving furniture with a history. I suppose I could say the same things about accessories as well. Out of all the things I own, my very favorites are pieces that have been passed down from the women in my family, included my grandmother's collection of vintage clutches. I love the stories behind them: how they were acquired, what they went to; what significant days were they present on. It's almost a sort of way of looking at your own personal history.

This one does not belong to my grandmother but it is gorgeous. I love the art deco design. I think I might have to begin making my own contributions to the collection...

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