Thursday, May 28, 2009

Grass and Spring or InStyle Lies to Me

Graduations are horrific occasions. Unless one is a proud parents (rather than weary and hot and worried about one's child's uncertain future as my mother was) or an excited graduate (rather than a bit hungover and miserable at being wrenched from one's school and friends into an uncertain and bleary future) it's just hot and boring and there is grass and you have to dress up a bit but not more or less than everyone else. Any bitterness toward my own college graduation and how it left me unemployed and a cat lady? Hmm. Anyway. I have to go to several graduations this year of the high school variety (I didn't go to my high school graduation, perhaps if I had I might be filled with happy thoughts about graduations). InStyle thinks that I should wear high heels and carry a clutch and look TERRIBLY chic. I feel like Greencastle PA high school probably requires something less. Flats at the least. What does one even wear to high school graduations?  I didn't go to mine and I was living in England when Dos and Tres graduated.  A very simple summer frock seems like a good idea.  Something like this?

a) Charlotte Russe Floral Dress
b) Forever 21 Linen Summer Dress

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