Monday, May 4, 2009

Old Chest, New Place

I've been looking for a new piece of furniture for my room for a year now, ever since I moved back home into my parents' house. Nothing ever fit right and I never found anything I absolutely loved. Over the weekend we were cleaning out more things from my grandmother's room and I realized how perfect her Widdicombe chest would be in my room. I cleaned it out, vacuumed it and added new drawer liners and now it has the perfect spot next to my armoir. 

Granted, the wood is a little heavy for the look that I was going for, but I love the lines of the piece and I love furniture with a history. My grandparents bought this chest when they got married in the 1930s and it held letters that my grandfather wrote to my grandmother when he was stationed in Africa during the war. It held my grandmother's brooches that she got at estate sales and flea markets. It held photographs and heirlooms and my grandmother's pearls.

I think I shall have to find something special to put inside it to do it justice. Somehow I feel it's worthy of more than just underwear. 

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  1. This chest reminds me of one that I've seen painted white with big gray vertical stripes. It's beautiful!