Friday, May 1, 2009

Floating Shelves

In my high school bedroom I had built in shelves all along a wall in my bedroom in white and it was pretty gorgeous. In our Mississippi sitting room we have a single white brick wall with the fireplace set in the middle of it and we're plotting wall to wall white floating shelves, on either side of the fire place. Hours of research have yielded very little in the way of the weight of books or how much floating shelves attached to brick can carry. Mixed reports over the Lack Shelves from Ikea. The handyman's coming round next week to have a look. V. exciting. The house was a wonderous mess of southern flowered wall paper (in forrest green) and wall to wall and shining brass lighting, we are slowly de-southern-ifying the house and it's getting a bit more habitable. Kitchen still yet to go. Crikey.

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