Monday, May 4, 2009

Spring is for New Hair

Over the weekend I decided to take the leap and make my hair dark again. It's been a long time coming, folks, and I still have a ways to go. I want it to look as natural as possible so it's a gradual change. It was an impulse decision. I was sitting at my desk last Tuesday and the thought popped in my head so I made an appointment with my hair stylist immediately. 

My natural hair color is quite dark and since my eyes are blue, I always felt that something was off about me growing up. I begged my mother for years to let me highlight my hair and she finally gave in during high school. It started out innocently enough but after five years of highlights every three months I ended up with honey-yellow which, as of Tuesday, I decided was no longer working for me. 

Hannah and I were discussing going back to my roots (har har) and, as she pointed out, Vogue did an article in 2005 (a lovely year for hair) about hair colors and they determined that the best hair color for you is the hair you had when you made your first communion. So, here I am. This is me embracing the real me no matter how much I hated it when I was younger. You should embrace the real you too. Let's start a revolution. 


  1. I think dark hair with light eyes is so pretty... but I might be biased. :)

  2. I echo Abbie! I've always wanted that (like the Greatest American Hero's girlfriend, and the girl in LABYRINTH), instead of my boring mousy brown... and whilst I've had every hair color in the natural range (and a few a bit out), I do like it dark best.